The Truth About Walking Away

Walking away from things, people, lifestyles, a way of thinking; it’s always much easier than it sounds. However, the need to walk away is a reoccurring theme in the life of anyone who is in a constant state of progression and growth. I’ve had my fair share of needing to walk away; and the older I get, I don’t find that it gets much easier, but I am far more understanding of the need for it.

I spent a lifetime holding onto people, relationships, friendships that were terrible for me. I would reason that if I could change, than they could change. I sought to remember all the good times in hopes of giving value to a situation that had no value at all. In the end, it was always more painful for me to stay than it was to go. In the process of trying to salvage what wasn’t salvageable, I always prolonged my hurt.

Walking away is one of those things that don’t feel good in the moment but you see the benefits in the future.Yes it hurts, it is a gut wrenching hurt. A hurt that coils within your intestines and squeezes until you want to die. It’s an emotional stinging, a mental ravaging. You will cry, you will sob, you will weep, you will feel angry many times over. But I promise there is a rainbow after the storm. In time though, the sweet and cooling of relief does come.

The truth about walking away is that it is necessary for you. Don’t make it a habit to devalue yourself and hold onto things that do not serve you well. Walking away is hard but you will always heal. Don’t twiddle your thumbs, don’t delay, don’t reason that somehow holding onto something that hurts you is somehow making you a better person.

Just walk away.

You will thank yourself later.


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