Fighting the Good Fight

Today I’m in a better head space than I was 4 weeks ago. So far this pregnancy has been uneventful, and I have an ultrasound this coming Friday. I feel dreadful and excited at the same time. I have consumed my time with prayer and socializing with my congregation and spending more time with my family. I figure should anything go bad, better I have the support I need than to not.

These days I’m just super tired, not to mention tis the season for my depression to really take me for a low ride. It’s been hard to be enthusiastic about much when I don’t have the energy; but that doesn’t keep me from trying.

I figure that I am not losing the battle if I at least try. If I put forth a concerted effort to accomplish my activities of daily living then I am accomplishing something. I always lose my art when I’m like this, so I’m not beating myself up too much for my creative fart.

I will probably pop back in Friday to share my update on Baby Squirtle. If you believe in prayer…I simply ask that you offer me up one.

Life is good….even when I don’t see it.

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