Train of Thought

My train rides in the morning are usually the calmest part of my day. As I sit here and engage in bits of convo with my husband; I love that he seems to understand this is a thinking time for me.

I like to unfurl my brows… breathe deep and people watch. I know it sounds like I’m a creep, but watching people puts my life in  perspective. I look at people and wonder what their day started like, what struggles they may have had, what their work or school day will be like and so on and so forth. This humanizes people so I don’t just view them as herds of sheeple getting on the train.

My mind has been quite busy these days trying not to focus on my pain. That is a time consuming thought process.. my pain. I try to fill the empty spaces with my children’s laughter, my husband’s touch and my mother’s over bearing but appreciated love.

Mind caulking.

Filling the crevices between the chaos with thoughts that can fortify the happiness I’m trying to achieve.

Happy Tuesday.

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