The Gratitude Jar

The other day while I was on Facebook a friend left a comment on one of my statuses and it gave me an idea. She said something to the effect of: “Drop that in your gratitude jar!” And it was like my brilliant bulb went off.


This prompted me to create a literal Gratitude Jar. The concept is that each day by the end of my day I write at least one thing I’m grateful for and drop it in the jar. At the end of my week I am to use these as points to reflect and mediate on. I’m thinking of letting my children in on the deal so that they can truly learn what appreciation is.

I’ll fill you guys in later on how that goes. 🙂

Happy Gratitude!

gratitude jar

4 thoughts on “The Gratitude Jar

  1. Reblogged this on Are you better yet? and commented:
    Seriously considering this idea! In previous times, I kept a daily gratitude journal which was massively positive. The only downsides would be that my life is very up and down, I would read my previous notes of thanks and suddenly feel sad or whatever that the person who gave me that experience isn’t in my life any more eg. ex boyfriend stuff. Also when I would realise I was missing it I would kinda bear myself up, can’t even keep a bloody journal kinda thing. But…. This may work! The nature of the jar means once I’ve had a happy thought it’s in there, I don’t have to flick through the past AND I wouldn’t be keeping dates so I wouldn’t feel bad for missing it. Basically awesome idea, now I need a jar 😊

    • I say give anything a try that is going to help you! Believe me, I don’t think I have found any fool proof method yet. I hope you do try and maybe you can tell me how it goes because I’d be interested in your thoughts!

      • Thanks for your support ❤️ Once I get a stable home I’m getting a big beautiful jar on my windowsill 😊

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