When I set out to do this blog it was because I was in the pique of a bad episode…on the heels of having a miscarriage I was emotionally devastated. Already unstable and fresh and new back on the antidepressants; I was looking for a way to spill myself without hurting myself.

I’m glad that I did this. I sat down the other day to read the kinds of things I’ve been feeling and saying over a span of 4 months. I gotta admit that there were moments when I cringed….and even cried because this is me. This is what I’ve said..this is how I’ve felt. I’ve been raw…vulnerable and exposed…putting my flaws out in the open for the world to see. I know there are some pretty nasty hateful people out there who had nothing but negative things to say…

BUT…there has been way more positive responses…people who have written me and expressed their gratitude…their appreciation for my weakness…people who have in turn shared their own stories with me. And I am always at a loss of words…and filled with so much hope when other people come forward and share their proverbial war stories about mental health. It’s so real and so tangible to me…even if it is not for everybody else. I feel like it’s my duty to be candid about mental health…because how can I not be?

Who will tell our story if we don’t? We are all not sad little people moping around hearing voices that need to be locked up in a padded room. We are human. We are mothers…sisters…brothers…fathers…aunts….uncles…daughters…sons… lawyers…cashiers…nurses…doctors…teachers…unemployed…army vets…etc…. you name it we are it. Mental illness does not discriminate…it can be anywhere within anyone.

These past 4 months have taught me a lot about finding my voice…and speaking out courageously about mental health. And though my platform maybe small…it’s mine…and I have a right to speak on this…and I will continue to do so no matter what. I thank you…the reader…who has taken the time to read…or understand…or relate…you guys give me the motivation to keep going…every little bit counts.

Safe Place Judgement Free Zone

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