Same Ol Same Ol’

I haven’t written much lately. Every time I sit down to express my thoughts I find myself turned off by the melancholy tone of it all…so I’ve simply let my hand get quiet. There’s been a little bit of everything and nothing going on these days. I met with the Psychiatrist today and my dosage was upped because the amount I am taking “just isn’t enough”. Go figure.

These days to accomplish even the smallest of tasks requires a reserve of energy I just don’t have. By the time I’m finishing whatever God forsaken task of the moment; I find myself extremely fatigued and tired. I tire of my pity parties so I silence my thoughts with as many distractions that I’m able to handle…which aren’t very many…and I inevitably end up in a constant state of slumber just to avoid dealing with…anything.

It’s a miracle that I’ve completed this blog entry being that I’ve been attempting to do so for at least 2 hours. Good night…

One thought on “Same Ol Same Ol’

  1. Depression took over my life for many years. No amount of therapy or drugs could get me out of the deep slump I was sinking further and further into each day. About a month ago I finally got enough courage to sit down and start writing about my depression and the darkness in my life. I have been receiving nothing but positive feedback. I have also been setting small goals for myself each day. Slowly, but surely, I feel myself finally rising out from the the darkness and into the light of life. My faked smiles are becoming more genuine and I joked and laugh all through the interview I had a few days ago. The manager loved my energy and enthusiasm and now I am starting tomorrow. I couldn’t be happier. It is not a great job at all. But it is a job. A fresh start where I can work my way back up in life and in happiness. I still fight off dark emotions and anger, but I am staying positive and hopes for better days. Best of luck on getting better. I believe in you.
    – Derek

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